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Freebies fill a unique niche between deals and coupons, because everyone loves a Freebie!  Deals and Coupons are great, but they do require spending a little green.  Freebies naturally excite the endorphins with the expectation of receiving something of value for nothing….what a wonderful concept!  Many free items and services are built on advertising models or providing free services that offset upgraded paying services.

Here are a few of my Favorite Freebie Deals:

  • Free Directory Assistance – Say hello to free directory assistance – or just dial 1-800-FREE411.
  • Free Legal Advice – Get free advice from top-rated lawyers, doctors and dentists – www.avvo.com.
  • Free Furniture – Get all kinds of free items in your local community – www.freecycle.org.
  • Free Birthday Treats – Go here to get all kinds of freebies on you BIRTHDAYwww.freebirthdaytreats.com.
  • Free Music – Get all of your favorite tunes in your home, car or business – www.pandora.com.

These sites will bring you the Best Freebies nicely integrated while filtering out scams:

  • Thunder Fap – Visit the links for totally free samples. Only reputable companies are linked to.
  • AbsurdlyCool – Their Freebie Finder provides and automated free stuff aggregator, very cool!
  • TheFreeSite.com – Sign up for their newsletter to get the weekly roundup of freebies, tons of stuff here.
  • FreeMania – Directory of Free Stuff online, complete with coupon database.
  • Citiesonthecheap – Site is creating a network of blogs to provide “insider info” on freebies in your city.
  • KnownFreebies – This site pulls in freebies worldwide.

Freebies Video:

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