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Blendtec is the World’s Best Blender

Blendtec is the World’s Best Blender

Blendtec Blenders Rock!

As a long time fan of Blendtec; I jumped at the chance to offer their products and can write from personal experience. I have been using the Blendtec ES3 model for the last 3 years. My purchase occurred after seeing an outstanding demo at Costco….gee, I did not plan on spending an extra $400 bucks that day! They showed how to make smoothies, ice cream (including spinach and still yummy), grind your own “healthy” baking flour and more.

Some things that really piqued my interest were the features:

  • Easy cleanup (put in some water, a drop of dish detergent and hit pulse for 5 seconds, rinse, you are done).
  • Small foot print (fits and stays on my counter top, Vitamix was too tall for my setup).
  • Variable speed motor – no need for a lid masher, variable speed computer controlled chip changes blend speed automatically based on what setting you use, to get the right consistency. Occasionally, I will need to run a 2nd cycle or add more liquid to my smoothie or ice cream.
  • Soup – have made shrimp bisque and potato soup, both outstanding!
  • Very durable – 7 year warranty, it was built to last.
  • Customer Service – always helpful and friendly on the phone if you have questions.
  • Smoothies – fresh/frozen fruits and veggies make for a “healthy” breakfast, I add chia seeds and organic honey for added health benefits.

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Here is a great efficiency tip, buy your fruits and veggies frozen! I get the large bags of blueberries, strawberries, pineapple, broccoli at Costco. They are fresh frozen, mostly organic, tasty, high quality and priced at a fraction of what you would pay at Whole Foods or your local grocer. I tried buying all fresh fruits and veggies and ended up throwing away about 1/3 of what I bought….things got a bit mushy those last few days. Now you can freeze your fresh bananas, spinach, asparagus and much more, so those are a few items I do buy fresh.

Here are examples of a couple of bags I buy: frozen fruit and veggies