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System Mechanic 11.5 is Here – Tune Up Your PC!

System Mechanic 11.5 is Here – Tune Up Your PC!

Get your PC running in tip top shape with the Best Software Tool for Optimization – System Mechanic 11.5

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What’s new in System Mechanic 11.5

iolo is continually developing and innovating tools necessary to keep your computer running at its full potential. System Mechanic 11.5 breaks new ground with a combination of patented technology, expanded controls and enhanced intelligence that can advance your computer’s operation beyond even the toughest performance barriers.

Guided Recommendations™ Windows® 8 Enhancements
Guided Recommendations harnesses the collective intelligence of the entire System Mechanic community base so you can safely and easily bring your PC to even greater heights of performance. Windows 8 degrades over time just like Windows 7, XP and Vista. The latest version of System Mechanic is specifically designed to leverage the new improvements in Windows 8 to bring you an even greater user experience.
Expanded Tune-up Definitions™ Whole Home License®
Utilizes intelligent live updates to resolve thousands of newly discovered issues that could result in errors and slowdowns if not handled. iolo’s breakthrough Whole Home License® allows unlimited product use on all of your home PCs.

System Mechanic 11.5 Key Benefits Summary

Comprehensive solution: Performs an automated 229-point full service computer diagnostic exam. Independent lab proven: Multiple 3rd party experts prove System Mechanic works hard to improve PC speed and reliability.
Science-driven power: Uses iolo Labs’ research data to automatically fix over 30,000 different types of problems and errors. A wise investment: Helps make old PCs run like new again and keeps new PCs running smooth, avoiding headaches and premature replacement costs.
The expert’s choice: Consistently ranked most effective in improving PC performance by independent test labs. Patented automatic maintenance: iolo’s patented ActiveCare® technology automatically maintains your PC while it isn’t being used.
Unlimited home license: iolo’s breakthrough Whole Home License® allows unlimited product use on all your home PCs. Compatible with all versions of Windows: Optimized for each version of Windows from XP, Vista, 7, to Windows 8, iolo ensures its products are always on the cutting edge.

New and Enhanced Tools and Features

NEW: Guided Recommendations™

A seamless collaboration of 15 years of iolo’s breakthrough analytics, research, and professional experience, Guided Recommendations harnesses the collective intelligence of the entire System Mechanic community base so you can safely and easily take your PC to even greater heights of performance, even beyond what System Mechanic already performs automatically.

Guided Recommendations fuses together three powerful technologies; Tune-up Definitions™, TrueImpact™ and the collective intelligence of the System Mechanic community to provide guidance on removing additional hidden programs that can bottleneck your PC performance.

Because no two PCs are alike, each recommendation is tailored to your specific PC, providing insight into which potentially unwanted programs are typically disabled by the System Mechanic community. These collective recommendations, along with detailed descriptions and the impact measurement of each of these programs, gives you the power and to make at-a-glance decisions about how to make your computer faster and more efficient than ever before possible—all in just a few clicks.

ENHANCED: AcceleWrite™

New real-time technology that optimizes file organization on both solid state drives (SSD) and traditional hard disk drives (HDD).

Working deep inside the Windows operating system, it minimizes the degree that a new file, or changes to existing files, will be stored inefficiently. By minimizing the random writing of data, AcceleWrite increases overall system performance and largely reduces or eliminates the need to perform secondary file optimization (such as disk defragmentation), saving your system time and energy resources and helping prolong the life of your PC.

ENHANCED: Startup Optimizer™

Start Windows significantly faster by eliminating unneeded or hazardous start up programs safely. Startup Optimizer is now expanded and even more simplified and delivers extra system horsepower at your command. Technology refinements now make it easier to achieve accelerated system startup speeds while precious resources are injected back into active programs and tasks throughout the day.

New advancements in System Mechanic 11.5 coupled with ongoing research from iolo Labs and the collective intelligence of the entire System Mechanic community result in even broader startup coverage. Now it’s easier than ever to identify and root out unwanted programs that silently leach horsepower from startup and other high priority activities.

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NEW: Windows 8 Certified

Every new operating system presents its own optimization challenges and Windows 8 is no exception. Version 11.5 has been specifically engineered to expand on the performance improvements in Windows 8 while at the same time eliminating issues it shares with earlier Windows operating systems.

It has been fully designed to effectively fix, optimize and maintain Windows 8 PCs based on extensive testing from iolo Labs.

ENHANCED: Patented ActiveCare® Technology
(US Pat 7,873,877)

One of the many industry-first innovations included in System Mechanic, ActiveCare is now easier than ever to configure, with setup profiles that allow you to apply one-click maintenance options to your entire PC without the guesswork. System Mechanic’s exclusive idle-time optimization kicks in when your PC isn’t being used and releases full control when you return — so your system always stays ready for action. By silently tuning, fixing, and cleaning as needed while you’re away, you’ll have a faster and healthier PC without experiencing foreground maintenance activities that can bog things down.

Other products blindly schedule maintenance at specific intervals whether they’re needed or not, and ignore operation-jamming problems that arise between scheduled events. Patented ActiveCare transparently and intelligently keeps your PC running optimally so your system always runs at peak performance levels.

Designated Drivers™

Keeps your PC running swiftly and stably by automatically installing critical driver updates.

Device drivers are files filled with critical information that instruct your computer and the devices connected to it how to operate together effectively. All of the hardware on a PC—from the keyboard and mouse to the CPU and Wi-Fi adapter—require an up-to-date driver to keep them in good working order.

Because they perform such essential tasks, keeping your drivers updated and in good working condition is central to ensuring your PC’s overall stability and performance. However, the process of manually updating drivers can be frustrating and time-consuming.

Designated Drivers™–lets you update all of your PC’s drivers with just one click, now making driver updates a painless process. Designated Drivers is the only tool of its kind to exclusively use Microsoft-approved driver updates, which have gone through two rounds of quality assurance testing to ensure the updates are safe, reliable, and broadly compatible.

SSD Accelerator™

Streamlines, optimizes, and prolongs the life of modern solid-state drives, keeping them running at peak performance.

Although solid state drives (SSDs) enjoy a significant speed advantage over traditional hard disk drives, it doesn’t mean they are impervious to slowdown or degradation over time. With regular, everyday use, many users have found that these drives begin to suffer from incremental performance loss.

To resolve this problem, iolo’s engineers designed SSD Accelerator™ to proactively optimize solid state drives to keep them running at the peak of speed and efficiency. SSD Accelerator has also been designed to work together with System Mechanic’s other drive optimization tools such as AcceleWrite and ActiveCare technology in order to ensure that all of your data storage drives are automatically optimized for maximum performance and longevity on a regular basis.

ENHANCED: Program Accelerator™

Speeds up overall program responsiveness by re-aligning all of a program’s dependent files on the hard drive.

The problem: program misalignment can be a major cause of system slowdown created by errant Windows and software updates. It leads to progressively slower program launch and responsiveness as dependent files become scattered all over the hard drive.

Disk defragmenters can make it worse, blindly compacting and separating related files even more.

Program Accelerator’s unique patent-pending technology adds sophistication to enhance defrag tools, such as DriveAccelerator™, and move related files back together.

Bottom line: Program Accelerator jump-starts your sluggish programs by fully re-aligning your whole PC file system.