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Coupon Industry Trends 2012


Coupon Industry Observations and Trends for 2012

The 2012 Coupon Facts Report from NCH Marketing Services shows the latest trends in the coupon industry on the part of consumers and marketers. Last year marketers continued to use coupons to tempt consumers to buy.

Strong Coupon Outlook Seen for 2012 Marketing Forecast from Ad

Coupon industry warns stores participating in Extreme Couponing

Finding Coupons has gotten easier

  • Better coupon databases online
  • More online coupons – Coupon Network, Saving Star, Coupons.com
  • More new coupons sources

What Coupon trading websites are good Enterprise Business

Savvy Shopper Savvy Shoppers now have a coupon trading forum

Social Couponing is Booming

  • More tools to share awesome online deals
  • Local coupon sites have grown
  • Easier to meet other couponers
  • More coupon trading sites
  • Coupon sales on eBay are popular


Increase in Mobile Couponing

  • More retailers are accepting coupons via smart phones
  • Websites are becoming more mobile friendly
  • Coupon Apps for your phone have improved
  • More couponers are using smart phones

Local Couponing On the Rise

  • Consumers want local coupons
  • Local businesses come online
  • More coupon blogs “go local”

Couponing is Cool Again

  • Couponing is much easier now
  • Shoppers envy our savings
  • We brag about paying less

YouTube Couponing