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New iPad Sale! Ashton Kutcher! Target Coupons. Elections!

New iPad Sale! Ashton Kutcher! Target Coupons. Elections!

OK first of all pay no attention to the article title, rather silly isn’t it (except for the Target Coupons). It is actually just a play on the big news items hitting the wire.

Yeah, I know you are here for the coupons and deal stuff….but it is covered beneath the earth-shattering headlines about the new iPad (hey Santa, remember me around Christmas), Peyton Manning, Elections 2012 and who Ashton Kutcher is dating these days. Enough to drive you nuts, perhaps it’s time for a vacation. And in case you are wondering, the featured image…(the little picture before the post) was taken by the writer, yours truly, in scenic Sedona, AZ.

Target Grocery Deals

Back to our regularly scheduled programming – I noticed some very good deals in the grocery section at Target. Items like mustard, mayo, eggs, flour, butter, canned goods and the like are many times cheaper than my full service grocery store. With that in mind here are some printable coupons for Target to further your savings.

  • Target’s Printable Grocery Coupons
  • Here is a BIG TIP – You can stack one manufacturer coupon and one Target Coupon for the same item (unless prohibited by either coupon), check out the Target coupon policy for more details. The above YouTube video addresses this tactic very effectively, can you say “extreme couponing.”

While we are at, here are some other sale items at Target:


24850_Patio Sale - Save 20% Off on Select Patio Items at Target.com