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System Mechanic – Turbo Charge Your PC

System Mechanic – Turbo Charge Your PC

8 Ways to Unleash the Gaming Rig Inside Your PC

Your home computer may be used for many things, but nothing reveals its performance deficiencies like modern 3D games. These graphics-intensive programs tax modern CPUs, memory, and video resources much more than typical home or home-office applications would.

In an underperforming system, the realism and smoothness of gameplay suffers. Enthusiasts use terms such as “FPS” (frames per second) and “lag” to describe these symptoms. The higher FPS your PC can achieve and the lower the lag, the more enjoyable gaming is.

And although the symptoms of an unoptimized PC are more noticeable while gaming, you can also notice them slowing down your computer during daily use. Optimize your system for gaming, and everything else you do on it will fly.

With this in mind, here are eight easy-to-use tools within System Mechanic that will bring out the beast in your PC:

  1. EnergyBooster™: When FPS rates decline and video becomes choppy, many  gamers focus on upgrading their video cards. Most don’t realize the same symptoms can be caused by a Central Processing Unit (CPU) that’s been “bottlenecked” by too many demanding processes running at the same time. EnergyBooster shuts down unneeded background processes and channels maximum power to the game or application you are running, resulting in ideal speed and responsiveness. Learn more about EnergyBooster.

  2. Program Accelerator™: Why wait between levels for your game or program to load massive files when you could be in the action faster? Program Accelerator uses patent-pending technology to consolidate program files on the hard drive and reduce disk lag. Much more sophisticated than disk defragmenting, it resolves all the file entropy (dispersal) caused by patches and updates that other techniques can’t address.

  3. Memory Mechanic®: Long stretches of computer use can result in memory leaks that lead to sluggish performance and normally requires a full system reboot. But with one click, Memory Mechanic swiftly releases trapped RAM and instantly refreshes performance without the need to close running applications. Learn more about Memory Mechanic.

  4. NetBooster®: An unoptimized internet connection is a source of game lag, especially in multiplayer environments. You can even get kicked off a server for “high pings” due to a poor connection! NetBooster can increase internet speeds up to 300%, significantly improving your connection and even speeding up those multi-gigabyte automatic updates and patches that can take hours to download.

  5. PC Cleanup™: Sweep out over 50 types of junk files including temp downloads from game patches that can run into gigabytes of wasted disk space. Learn more about PC Cleanup.

  6. CRUDD Remover™: Duplicate, unnecessary programs act like dead weight on your PC’s available resources. Commonly Redundant or Unnecessary Decelerators and Destabilizers (CRUDD) Remover takes the guesswork out of finding and classifying them so you can choose to remove the ones that are bloating your system and quickly achieve a leaner, faster system.

  7. Designated Drivers™: Having up-to-date drivers is critical to avoid freezes and crashes. Designated Drivers ensures every driver update posted in the Windows database is quickly and safely downloaded to your system.

  8. SSD Accelerator™: With regular use, even state-of-the-art solid state drives (SSDs) experience incremental performance loss. Keep slowdown at bay with SSD accelerator, which uses the latest technology to ensure that your SSD stays optimized and prevents the drive from degrading prematurely.

Bonus Tip: Enable System Mechanic’s patented ActiveCare® technology to tune and maintain your computer automatically when your PC is idle so it’s instantly ready for action whenever you are.

With System Mechanic, you can spend less time worrying about your computer and more time focusing on what you enjoy.

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