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Digital Download Refund

Digital Download Refund

Digital Download Software – Does there exist a Digital Download Refund?

As a consumer who spends a good bit of money on high tech products, much to the dismay of my ever shrinking wallet, at the end of the day I expect to be satisfied with my purchase. Whether it be a new iPod, digital camera, eBook reader or VCR……whoops!, fast forward 20 years, make it a digital video recorder (DVR), don’t you think a product should work as advertised? I certainly do, and 9 times out of 10, I am pleased and on the phone with my brother extolling the virtues of my newly acquired “techie toy.”

Most retailers provide a reasonable return policy when it comes to hardware items, I have my favorites, but that is topic for another discussion. When it comes to software return policy, all of the sudden the consumer is made to feel like a “pirate” for even considering such an evil thought. While several large retailers & software manufacturers will allow a 30 day return on software, read the fine print before buying an application that has not been thoroughly reviewed with a positive stamp of approval.

In creating this site, I purchased several digital download software products through internet based providers. Most have worked very well and provided excellent tools, online training and wizards to accomplish tasks previously reserved for “seasoned webmasters.” Excited by my expanding project and fast growing readership, I decided it was time to find an application to automate (somewhat) the process of importing deals and coupons.

Only a couple of vendors offered a “30 day money back guarantee” but the application I wanted to use specifically stated “All sales are final since software are instantly downloadable digital media and there is no way to return it.” Against my better judgment, I disregarded that statement and the early version status due to all the bells and whistles and slick looking design. Beside their website assured me it was “easy to use” and “I will be online and posting coupons in no time.” Long story short, the application was not at all user friendly and probably better suited for the seasoned web-designer or software programmer. Unfortunately my capabilities fall a bit beneath that level.

Software Giants Stand Behind Their Applications

After numerous, exasperating emails back and forth with tech support and customer service over the course of a month or so, I became very frustrated and asked for a refund. The company remained steadfast in their policy and denied any issues with the software. My request for a digital download refund was quickly rejected. After turning to Google to research the topic, my chances were looking bleak. As a devoted consumer advocate, I was unwilling to accept their “no refund disclaimer” as fair policy or the final cut. A software product must perform as advertised, regardless of the delivery method. Even behemoths like Microsoft (45 day refund policy) and Adobe offers 30 day money back guarantee when purchased direct.

New Consumer Advocate Firm Comes to the Rescue

During the course of my daily research on new internet companies, low and behold, I read an article about gripevine.com. They provide a service where you can get your complaints resolved free and easy. Perfect timing, I almost thought this was too good to be true. I filed my complaint with a rather detailed write up and supporting screen shots and received confirmation later that day that my issue was being processed. Much to my surprise, I received an email the very next day with a full refund processed through PayPal. Gripevine delivered their consumer complaint service quickly, effectively and free to boot! You guys have won a big supporter and I am sure you will grow quickly. All I can say is “when is the IPO?”